National Nematological Research Centre
University of Karachi, Karachi-75270, Pakistan
Pakistan Journal of Nematology
(A biannual publication of Pakistan Society of Nematologists)
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National Nematological Research Centre
University of Karachi, Pakistan
National Nematological Research Centre University of Karachi, Pakistan***** Pakistan Journal of Nematology (A biannual publication of Pakistan Society of Nematologists)
(A biannual publication of Pakistan Society of Nematologists)

Abstracted and indexed in Current Contents, Nematological Abstracts, Biological Abstracts, Zoological Records, Rice abstracts, Index Copernicus, Scopus & Biosis

Instructions for Authors: The Pakistan Journal of Nematology (DOI prefix: 10.18681/pjn) publishes articles of original research (plagiarism screening) concerning plant, animal, entomophagous, marine and free-living nematodes. Research articles of parasites of vertebrate are also considered for publication. Review articles on important issues are also published. In a year, two issues of the journal, one in January and the other in July are published to form one volume.

Submission of Manuscript: Manuscript should be submitted online to or email: as it facilitates in quick publication process of reviewing and editing. Manuscript must be submitted according to the format and style of Pakistan Journal of Nematology.

Peer Review: Manuscripts submitted for publication in Pakistan Journal of Nematology are sent to two experts (National and International) for peer reviewing. Author will inform the status of their manuscript after the completion of the review process (Accepted or not) by the Editor.

Research article: The following style in the preparation of the manuscript should be strictly followed:

Manuscript should be in English, typed (12 font size, Times New Roman) in single column and double spaced. Author’s institutional and e-mail addresses should follow author(s) name and will not appear as a foot note. Papers other than Short Communications may be organized under: Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Review of literature (if necessary), Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgments (if any) and References. Sub-heading under results may be made as necessary.

References: Name of authors should be cited in the text and not numbered. References should be listed in alphabetical order and the titles of journals should be cited in full. Literature references must conform to the following examples:

De Ley P., Blaxter,  M. L. (2002). Systematic position and phylogeny. The Biology of Nematodes / Ed. by D. L. Lee.– London: Taylor and Francis. . 1-30  pp.  Doi: 10.1201/b12614-2.

Shahina, F., Tabassum, K. A. Shaukat, A., Solangi, G. S., Mehreen, G. & Salma J. (2015). A new entomopathogenic nematode, Steinernema blaochiense n.sp. (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae) from  Pakistan. Zootaxa,3904, 387-402. Doi: 10.11646/zootaxa.3904.3.4.

Siddiqi, M. R. (2000). Tylenchida Parasites of Plant and Insects.2nd Edition. CABI Publishing, Wallingford, UK, 833 pp. Doi: 10.1079/9780851992020.0000

Table and Graphs: Numerical results should be presented either as tables or as graph and in editable format. Tables and graphs should be or less in size, typed in 10 or 11 font size, numbered consecutively and should have a brief explanatory title. Avoid vertical lines in tables. The metric system and temperature in Celsius scale (for example) should be used.

Figures: Drawing may not be more than 5x7" in size, drawn in black India ink on white or transparent paper. Photographs must be of high quality and resolution (JPEG/TIF at 300 dpi). The authors would be asked to pay page printing charges for coloured photographs.

Off prints: Contributors will be given 20 off prints of the paper @ US $ 0.25 per page. Additional reprints can be ordered while returning the galley proofs.

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