Pakistan Journal of Nematology,

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Paper ID PJN-2019-11
Title Larval migration of Ascaridia galli causes traumatic and toxic effects in chicken liver
AuthorsS. Feroza, A. G. Arijo, F. M. Bilqees and M. S. Phulan

Studies were conducted to assess the effects of infection onhistological changes in liver of chicken, experimentally induced with Ascaridia galli round worm. The postmortem examinations of infected chicken revealed histo-pathological lesions of infected liver that showed traumatic and toxic effects produced by the migrating A.galli larvae. Except on the top, central veins were not obvious. Inflammatory tracts produced by migrating larvae were prominent. Large vein with portal sluggish consisted of fibrinous material and inflammatory cells, disarrangement of hepatici and shrinkage of hepatocytes were found to have resulted into dilation of sinusoids.


Pages 103-105
Volume 37
Issue 1
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