Pakistan Journal of Nematology,

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Paper ID PJN-2019-26
Title Overview of the nematode fauna of Pakistan
AuthorsF. Shahina, K. Nasira, K. Firoza and Y. I. Erum

This research publication provides a comprehensive indexed resource of plant parasitic, soil, marine and entomopathogenic nematode species described and reported during last sixty nine years (1952-2019) from Pakistan. The information compiled in this paper came gradually from many and diverse sources. It is the product of the efforts of several authors who contributed to gather knowledge on the biological diversity through systematics and faunistic studies. Information published in different scientific journals, newsletters, reports, book chapters, books booklets and proceedings have been considered. Those records contained in abstracts of conferences/ congresses, doctoral theses were not included.  A total of 749 species belonging to 261 genera of 81 subfamiles, 85 families of 24 Superfamiles, 19 suborders of 12 orders have been described and reported so far from Pakistan in which 232 species are new to science. The paper includes i) new nematode species described from Pakistan in chronological order; ii) species of plant parasitic nematodes; iii) species of free-living soil nematodes; iv) species of marine nematodes; v) species of entomopathogenic nematodes all in alphabetical order and vi) taxonomic position of the all nematode species of Pakistan.


Pages 171-243
Volume 37
Issue 2
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