Pakistan Journal of Nematology,

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Paper ID PJN-2020-5
Title Description of Discolaimus miniodontii n.sp. and Laevides hunderansis n. sp. with notes on Discolaimoides spatilabium (Nematoda: Dorylaimida) from District Ghizer, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
AuthorsI. Erum, K. Nasira, H. Sagir, S. Raza and Firoza, K.

Soil samples collected from District Ghizer, Gilgit, Baltistan, Pakistan, yielded two new and a known nematode species of the order Dorylaimida viz., Discolaimus miniodontii n. sp. and Laevides manilkarii n. sp.; and a new report of a known species Discolaimoides spatilabium from District Ghizer, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Discolaimus miniodontii n. sp., is characterized by having smallest odontostyle (9-10μm); relatively smaller and slender body (L=1.0-1.14mm; a= 38.5-45.8); sclerotized odontostyle, its aperture occupying 50-55% of its length; oesophagus with conspicuous muscular sheath in the expended part of oesophagus; basal part of oesophagus expended gradually 51-54% of the total neck length. Laevides hunderansis n. sp., collected from district Ghizer village, Hunder of Gilgit-Baltistan is characterized by the smallest body (0.7-0.8mm), small moral tooth (7-8 μm), short spicule, gubernaculum and tail length (24, 5, 14μm, respectively) and by the presence of one supplement within the spicular range.

Pages 1-13
Volume 38
Issue 1
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