Pakistan Journal of Nematology,

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Paper ID PJN-2020-22
Title Compendium of the Genus Psilenchus de Man, 1921 (Tylenchida: Psilenchidae)
AuthorsYawar Iqbal Erum, Hussain Sagir, Kazi Nasira and Fayyaz Shahina

The compendium of the genus Psilenchus de Man, 1921 comprised of 19 species based on the characteristics of the total body length, ratio of a, b, c, c’, V%, stylet, MB, head shape, tail length, DGO, oesophagus, excretory pore, spicules and gubernaculum. The allometric and morphometric characteristics were derived from the original descriptions. An updated list of valid species of Psilenchus de Man, 1921 along with illustrations of the anterior and posterior regions taken either from the original descriptions or subsequent re-descriptions is also incorporated herein. A total of seven species have so far been reported from Pakistan.

Pages 124-129
Volume 38
Issue 2
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