Pakistan Journal of Nematology,

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Paper ID PJN-2021-1
Title Nematicidal Activity of Different Plants Extracts against Root Knot Nematodes
AuthorsJaveria Afzal, Muhammad Abid, Faisal Hussain and Alia Abbas

Nematicidal activities of different plants viz., Amaranthus viridis, Chenopodium album, Solanum nigrum, Carica papaya and Euphorbia hirta have been evaluated against root-knot nematodes. Plants were collected from different areas of Karachi. Aqueous extracts (2, 6 and 10%) of these five plant species were made for the experiment. All selected plant species inhibited egg hatching and caused larval mortality. Maximum reduction (24.3%) in egg hatching was recorded in C. album stem extract at 2% concentration. The minimum reduction (0.33%) was observed in the leaf extract of A. viridis at 10% concentration after 48 hours of exposure time. In larval mortality test, maximum larval mortality (33%) was recorded in C. album leaf extract at 10% concentration while minimum larval mortality (0.66%) was noted in Solanum nigrum at 2% concentration in leaves and stem extracts after 72 hours of exposure time as compared to control.

Pages 1-7
Volume 39
Issue 1
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