Pakistan Journal of Nematology,

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Paper ID PJN-2021-8
Title Evaluation of Some Medicinal Plants for the Management of RootKnot Diseases of Banana
AuthorsKhan Taimoor, Hafsa and Hanif Maryam

The present research study was undertaken to evaluate the nematicidal property of four indigenous medicinal plants viz., Ferula oopoda, Zataria multiflora, Achillea santolina and Nepeta cateria against Meloidogyne incognita at banana orchards of District Lasbela, Balochistan, Pakistan. Crude extracts, essential oils and fixed oil of these selected plants were tested separately. The crude extracts of Z. multiflora and F. oopoda showed higher mortality as compared to A. santolina and N. cateria. The results showed a maximum mortality of 76% by Z. multiflora and F. oopoda at highest dose of 3 g/ liter which was followed by 72% of N. cateria and 49% by A. santolina at the same dose. However, essential oils of A. santolina showed the highest mortality (79%) as compared to Z. multiflora (74%), F. oopoda (70%) and N. cateria (68%) at the same dose of 1.2 ml/ liter. While results of fixed oils showed maximum mortality of 74% by F. oopoda followed by 71%, 70% and 66% in Z. multiflora, A. santolina and N. cateria, respectively at a formulation of 3ml/ liter. A nematicide Furadan was kept as standard for efficacy comparison.

Pages 52-58
Volume 39
Issue 1
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