Pakistan Journal of Nematology,

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Paper ID PJN-2021-18
Title Nematicidal Properties of Some Yeast Culture Filtrates against Meloidogyne javanica Infecting Squash Plants (In Vitro and In Vivo)
AuthorsAtef El-Sagheer, Anas El-Mesalamy, Abdel-Monem Anany and Nashaat Mahmoud

The influence of some yeasts culture filtrate of Candida oleophila, Cryptococcus albidus, Pichia guilliermondii, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Sporobolomyces roseus include 103, 106 and 1012 cells, on hatching of second-stage juveniles (J2) of Meloidogyne javanica were estimated in laboratory and greenhouse conditions. Results revealed that all the tested culture filtrates caused significant reduction in number of J2 in all treatments, compared to the non-inoculated control, where the hatching inhibition and mortality percentages increased with an increase in exposure time. At 24 hours, increased the mean number of J2 hatched slowly than in first stages of experiment. Similar patterns showed against M. javanica infecting squash plants under greenhouse conditions. Data indicated that treatment with P. guilliermondii filtrate (1012) caused best percentage of nematode reduction (71.46%). Followed by S. roseus at (1012) (42.95 %), then in third treatment with C. albidus (103) by (40.50 %). On the other hand, all tested treatments decreased the negative effects of nematodes and enhanced growth characters of squash plants. The highest enhancement in the growth characters were recorded in treatment with P. guilliermondii filtrate at (1012).

Pages 111-121
Volume 39
Issue 2
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