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Paper ID PJN-2022-1
Title Combined use of Aqueous Plant Extracts for Controlling Meloidogyne incognita and Modulating Chemical Constituents in Tomato under Greenhouse Conditions
AuthorsDoaa Khairy, Mohamed Ali Osman and Fatma Abdel Mohsen Mostafa

he present study focuses on the potential of aqueous leaf extracts of moringa (Moringa oleifera Lam), or neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) singly or in integration with different parts of canola (Brassica napus L.) extracts to alleviate the deleterious effect of Meloidogyne incognita as well as ameliorate tomato growth in vivo. A mixture of moringa or neem aqueous leaf extracts with different parts of canola viz. leaf, stem and root gave better results than did single ones. Dual application of neem leaf extracts and canola parts extracts exhibited detectable augmentation in plant biomass better than other treatments. However, triple application of canola, moringa and neem leaf extracts (41.0%) surpassed all treatments and improved tomato length. All treatments significantly (P<0.05) suppressed nematode population, root galling and number of egg masses. The highest nematicidal activity was performed by leaf extracts mixture of moringa, neem and canola. NPK, chlorophyll Aand B, salicylic acid, phenols and phenylalinine enzyme (PAL) in tomato leaves were significantly (P<0.05) induced by plant extracts mixture. Phytochemical analysis of aqueous neem leaf extract demonstrated the occurrence of a number of flavonoids (21) and phenolic compounds (23) including Hespiridin, Naringin, Rosmarinic acid, Pyrogallol, Salicylic acid and Gallic acid which are implicated in plant preservation and hence induce strength against nematode infection. The results of current study indicated that aqueous leaf extracts of neem, moringa and canola parts in mixture can act as plant growth promoters and potentially be developed into a commercial nematicide to be used in sustainable and organic farming systems.

Pages 1-11
Volume 40
Issue 1
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