Pakistan Journal of Nematology,

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Paper ID PJN-2022-6
Title Status of Wheat Production and Associated Nematode Pests in Pakistan
AuthorsErum Iqbal, Firoza Kazi and Saboohi Raza

Plant-parasitic nematodes are potential pests of agricultural crops including wheat and cause quantitative and qualitative loss to crop production worldwide. They cause serious damage to many important agricultural crops and add to the problem of food security worldwide. Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is the most important economic cereal crop in the world and Pakistan stands in eighth position in global wheat production. The wheat crop is susceptible to several diseases and nematode pests. The most important nematode parasites are cereal cyst nematodes, root-knot nematodes, lesion nematodes, seed-gall nematodes and stem nematodes. In this review article status of global wheat production is presented and its associated parasitic nematodes have been discussed with reference to chronological research data related to Pakistan.

Pages 49-61
Volume 40
Issue 1
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