Pakistan Journal of Nematology,

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Paper ID PJN-2022-8
Title Pathological Changes Caused by Nematode Parasites in the Intestine of Domestic Pigeon (Columba livia) of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
AuthorsRizwana Abdul Ghaffar and Kamil Nadeem

Pigeons are the warm-blooded vertebrates that belong to Class Aves. They are used for many purposes like for rearing and food are the important aspects. They become parasitized by many of the parasites through their feeding and feeding habitat or by some infected birds that live in association with them. The majority of the nematode parasites that inhabit the body of the pigeon reside in the intestine. Nematodes are the worms that inhabit the intestines either by making coils in the tunnels of the intestine or by attaching themselves to the mucosal layers. This causes severe pathogenicity in the intestine as a result the pigeon shows signs and symptoms of illness. Pathological studies of tissues from infected intestine reveal several changes from the normal architectural organization of tissues. The most common findings were massive congestion, cellular infiltration, atrophy, hypertrophy and dystrophy of cells and disintegration of cellular layers, fibrosis, necrosis and dilation and proliferation of blood vessels.

Pages 75-79
Volume 40
Issue 1
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