Pakistan Journal of Nematology,

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Paper ID PJN-2019-2
Title Nematode fauna of Kurram Agency, Pakistan
AuthorsS. Samina and Y.I. Erum

The main aim of this study was to ascertain the diversity of plant parasitic nematodes at different locations of Kurram Agency, Pakistan. For this purpose, surveys were conducted and 150 samples of root and soil were collected from different locations of Kurram Agency. The detail morphological and taxonomical studies revealed a total of 26 species of plant parasitic nematodes belong to 17 genera, 13 families, 15 subfamilies and 3 orders while free-living soil nematodes revealed a total of 21 genera, 17 families and 8 orders. Overall percentage of plant parasitic and free-living nematodes was 40% and 60%, respectively. Irantylenchus clavidorus Kheiri, 1972 was encountered with highest occurrence (40%) followed by Aphelenchus avenae Bastian, 1865 (27.5%) and Ditylenchus myceliophagus Goodey, 1958 (10%). Morphological and detailed taxonomical studies of nematodes were carried out and six new records of plant parasitic nematodes viz., Aphelenchoides richardsoni Grewal, Siddiqi & Atkey, 1992,  Aphelenchoides unisexus Jain & Singh,1984, Filenchus microdorus Chawla, Prasad, Khan & Nand, 1969, Helicotylenchus urobelus Anderson,1978, Hemicriconemoides brachyurus (Loos,1949) Chitwood & Birchfield, 1957 and Irantylenchus clavidorus Kheiri, 1972 were reported.  All these species were re-described with their measurements as well as illustrations. In addition, 17 new host records were reported viz.,  Aphelenchoides besseyi Christie, 1942,  Aphelenchoides goodeyi  Siddiqi & Franklin, 1967,  Aphelenchoides  siddiqii Fortuner, 1970,  Aphelenchus avenae Bastian, 1865,  Basiria  graminophila Siddiqi, 1959,  Boleodorus  pakistaniensis Siddiqi, 1963, Ditylenchus myceliophagus Goodey, 1958,  Helicotylenchus willmottae Siddiqi, 1972, Heterodera  schachtii  Schmidt, 1871, Heterodera  zeae Koshy, Swarup  &  Sethi, 1971,  Merlinius  nagerensis  Sagir & Erum, 2017,  Pratylenchus  flakkensis Seinhorst, 1968,  Psilenchus hilarulus de Man, 1921,  Quinisulcius capitatus (Allen,1955)  Siddiqi, 1971,  Seinura  oostenbrinki  Hussain  &  Khan, 1967,  Xiphinema  brevicolle  Lordello & De Costa, 1961 and  X. index Thorne & Allen, 1950.  Population analysis of nematode fauna encountered from Kurram Agency was also determined.

Pages 1-20
Volume 37
Issue 1
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