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Paper ID PJN-2012-4
Title Efficacy of some granular nematicides against root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita associated with tomato
AuthorsM. A. Radwan†, S. A. A. Farrag, M. M. Abu-Elamayem and N. S. Ahmed

Five granular nematicides namely, cadusafos, carbofuran, ethoprop, fosthiazate and oxamyl were assessed against the root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita on tomato based on numbers of galls and juveniles (J2) as well as on plant growth characteristics in a glasshouse. The rate of the formulated form of oxamyl, carbofuran or cadusafos was 0.1 g/kg soil, while it was 0.125 g / kg soil for fosthiazate and 0.25 g / kg soil for ethoprop. All nematicides caused reduction in root galls and J2 in the soil. However, fosthiazate had the highest nematicidal effect with 97.52 % reduction in galls and 96.45 % juveniles in soil, while cadusafos was relatively least effective causing 77.51 and 86.63 % reduction in galling and J2 population, respectively. Carbofuran, oxamyl and ethoprop ranked intermediate in descending order by 95.06 % and 94.26 %; 81.99 % and 87.60 %; 78.73 % and 87.88 %, respectively. However, none of the nematicides tested significantly affected shoot length, fresh shoot weight and root length compared to the untreated inoculated control. Except oxamyl, all of these nematicides significantly decreased root fresh weight.

2012, Vol. 30(1): 41-47


Pages 41-47
Volume 30
Issue 1
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