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Paper ID PJN-2012-9
Title Endemicity of intestinal parasites with special reference to nematodes in individuals related to education (Students, Staff and Workers) in Swat, KP, Pakistan
AuthorsW. Khan, N. U. Nisa, A. Khan and S. M. H. M. Naqvi

This study was aimed to assess the impact of education on the prevalence of nematode intestinal parasites among individuals relevant to education under and above 15 years age in Swat, Pakistan. Stool samples were randomly collected during January 2006 to December 2008 and examined from a total of 420 individuals including 238 and 182 under and above 15 years age, respectively from Urban and Rural area of Swat, Pakistan. The techniques used were wet mount (WMT), sedimentation and centrifugation. A number of 171 individuals were found infected with any single species of parasite, 81 cases were found infected with double species of parasites, 21 individuals were having triple and 4 individuals were found to be infected with four species of parasites. Nematodes were the most prevalent intestinal parasites than cestodes and protozoans. The prevalence rate was: Ascaris lumbricoides 39.8, Trichuris trichura 19.1, Enterobius vermicularis 8.25, Ancylostoma duodenale infection 3.64, Taenia saginata 12.8, Hymenolepis nana 10.1, Entamoeba histolytica 4.36 and Giardia species 1.69 %. The children were found more infected than adults but adults were found infected with multiple infection. Present study leads to understand that sanitary measures should be effectively adopted and health education should be given as a compulsory subject.

2012, Vol. 30(1): 77-85


Pages 77-85
Volume 30
Issue 1
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